Q: What are your prices?

A: Please use the main menu to go to the service you require. The prices and/or packages for that service are at the bottom of the page. Please feel free to contact me either through the website here or through my Facebook page to discuss what I can do for you or if you have any questions or particular requirements. 

Q: Why do you sometimes charge extra for travel?

A: There may be a small and fair charge for travel. For more information click here.

 Q: Can I get my own prints of the pictures you give?

A: Yes. When I give you your pictures on a disk/USB/download they come in their full quality and size and you can go wherever you like to print or have made into a canvas, ect. as much as you like.

 Q: I want a poster print, photo book or canvas, could you do that for me?

A: Yes. Although you can use your pictures how you wish, I also provide a printing service.